My Experience with Old Ghent

Pam and her colleagues at Old Ghent were nothing short of super-heroes. From showing us home after home and patiently listening to our hopes and concerns, to seeing the process through to closing with both constant care and generosity, they performed far above and beyond what most realtors would consider the scope of their job. We will be forever grateful!”

– Jeremy Creelan

There’s a good old broad at good Old Ghent … I have had dealings with Old Ghent Realty for decades, and have always found Old Ghent to be knowledgeable, trustworthy and fair.”

– Francis J. Roche, Esq.

If you are looking for terrific property in Columbia County, go no further than Old Ghent Realty and the Martha Stewarts of real estate, Frances Schools and Pam Herzing. Found me the most extraordinary house of my dreams the first day out.”

– Pat Martin

What do you look for in a realtor? Professionalism, honesty, integrity? I would suggest you look no further than Old Ghent Realty.

I have had the pleasure of working with this company for over 20 years. They uphold all of the statutes of their industry plus some. I would say they are Simply the Best!”

– Kathleen Thorsey

Buying or selling a house can be a daunting task. The folks at Old Ghent aren’t about selling you a house – they are about ‘finding you a HOME’. One that fits you, your family, and your lifestyle. Take a ride with Tim Schools and you won’t be just ‘looking at property’, you will be taken on a historical journey through Columbia County. There isn’t a house he doesn’t know, or a history that can’t be told about a place, or a time here. Old Ghent takes their job seriously, and because of this extensive knowledge and their relationships with people throughout the county, you will be well cared for. We highly recommend a sit down with them. Come with your wish list! You will be amazed with your experience and their level of quality and commitment that goes with every transaction.”

– Paul and Paula Colarusso
purchased OUR dream home 7/2011

Old Ghent Realty is an agency capable of successfully dealing with the most complicated real estate transactions.”

– Carl Whitbeck Rapport, Meyers, Whitbeck

Years ago we bought a house and property unseen through old Ghent Realty. Crazy? Yes, but, through them, we would do the same thing today. Honorable, knowledgeable, and to the point.”

– Eric Lane

I met my dear friend Pam Herzing of Old Ghent on Fourth of July weekend in 1993, while staying in a summer rental. It was my first summer in glorious Columbia County. I was so green then, a city kid who never owned a home. Pam took me by the hand and what started as a lark became a life-long friendship that changed my life. I’ve bought two homes through Old Ghent and, from the start, Pam and Old Ghent have been like family to me – caring and committed beyond the call of duty. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

– Wally Rubin

Your firm was first recommended to us by an associate in my real estate office in Manhattan. She had bought a weekend place through your firm and gave you a glowing recommendation. So, of course, we called your office and were equally pleased with the listings we were shown. There was no peripheral junk. I believe we made an offer and bought property we saw that day. Your office guided us through the problems of buying a property that had no ‘C. of O.’, no electricity, no plumbing, no heat except for 3 fireplaces and no rooms at all. After years of work and many really fabulously fun times we decided to move on. There was no question at all about who was going to handle the sale; we called your office and worked with the same broker, Pamela Herzing. We hated to leave but just the same, everything went smoothly. I think of your firm as ‘the only realtor in Columbia County.'”

– Ruth de Haan

Old Ghent blends a keen sense of the deal with the values that have made Columbia County great. They are fantastic to work with.”

– Alan Fishman

Several years ago, I responded to a real estate advertisement in a local paper and called Old Ghent cold to see the house. Tammy Crawford offered to show me the place. I had convinced myself that this was the house for my family. I had a lot to learn.

Tammy drove me to a run down farm house in an area where I did not want to live. She knew the place was all wrong, but I had insisted on seeing it. At the time she said, “Don’t worry. You have to see some places you don’t like to figure out what you might like.” Words of wisdom. As Tammy knows, I was the worst kind of client: ambivalent about moving, not sure if I wanted an old house or a new one, a barn, land, etc. I probably drove her crazy! Tammy is a patient, efficient, smart realtor. Eventually, she figured out what kind of house we needed before we figured it out! Thank goodness.

Tammy found us our dream house, which we bought. She then proceeded to sell our old house, giving us solid advise throughout the process. Who could ask for more?”

– Elizabeth Hess

Thank you Frances Schools and Old Ghent Realty!

When I decided to sell my home in Old Chatham, I immediately called Frances Schools at Old Ghent Realty. Their reputation for integrity, diligence and knowledge of the real estate marketplace was and, in my opinion, still is unmatched. The buyer of my home was referred by Old Ghent Realty and the sale went very smoothly.

I still keep in touch with Frances and if and when I decide to sell my current home, I will once again have Old Ghent Realty sell my home for me.”

– Barbara S. Johnson
Kinderhook, NY

Carl Schools and his colleagues at Old Ghent Realty were critical factors in the successful sale of my weekend house in Columbia County. The advice I received on initial pricing, as well as on the course of negotiations with my buyer, were impeccable. Given that I live in Manhattan, Carl’s willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty by supervising the moving out of all my furniture and belongings upon the closing was most appreciated.”

– Richard A. Rosen, Esq.

Old Ghent Realty is the gold standard in Columbia County by which all other real estate agencies are judged.”

– Edward Klein

We have been clients of Old Ghent Realty on both the buy and sell sides since 1987, and can attest to their attentiveness and success in working on our behalf.”

– Janet & Ed Greenberg

Old Ghent Realty, from Francis Schools to granddaughter Tammy and those in between, has a unique blend of competence, knowledge, integrity and warmth. They represented us in the sale of our home & the purchase of our new home. Simply put — they are the best.”

– Bob & Barbara Willner

Old Ghent didn’t flinch when we said our dream house would have a drop dead view, a swimming pond, and a guest cottage – not even when we told them our budget. Thanks to them, we got it all.”

– Ruth Abram and Herb Teitelbaum

Old Ghent Realty helped us get the perfect house. Frances Schools likes to say that she is “pully”, not “pushy”, and it’s true. She knew this was the right house before I did, and she pulled us and the seller together, diplomatically and tirelessly, until it worked.

Not only that, but she has kept up with us over time, and brought to our attention that some adjacent land was for sale. We bought it, and are glad we did.

Old Ghent absolutely knows the area, lawyers, engineers — everything that will be required — and works hard to make transactions happen.

– Patrick Harris

When you need a real estate broker, look no further than Old Ghent Realty. Their knowledge of the market, ability to focus and deliver on the needs of their clients, is unsurpassed. We have worked with Old Ghent Realty for the last ten years, for the purchase, sale, and rental of our home, and it was like working with family.”

– Roberta & Larry Edelson-Kayne

Frances Schools is a superb broker. Imaginative, thoughtful and sincere.”

– Carmi Rapport Esq., Rapport, Meyers, Whitbeck

If you are searching for a real estate agency with knowledge of Columbia County and neighboring area, professional realtors with experience in up-to-date marketing and property values who will help you to maximize your investment whether buying or selling, Old Ghent Realty is the one broker to choose.

We have purchased and sold several properties in other states as well as New York and found the services and attention to detail provided by Old Ghent Realty put them on the top of our list as the #1 real estate agency.”

– Barbara & Michael Wolfe

Over many years, it has always been a pleasure doing business with Old Ghent.”

– Paul O’Leary

Frances Schools is the doyen of Columbia County real estate brokers. She has superb skills fine honed by years of diligent attention to customers and their needs. To me, her best point is her honesty, as she deftly navigates the varied and difficult demands of both sellers and buyers.”

– Harry Newton
Spencertown, NY

I had the pleasure of working with Old Ghent Realty when selling two properties in Columbia County. My first meeting with Frances convinced me that I had on my team the realtor with the most experience and knowledge of the local market. I was guided through my first sale so successfully that when I decided to sell my second property, there was no question who I might call to help me.

At that time I was introduced to Carl, Frances’ son and very capable agent. Carl was great and I am grateful to him for the work he did to close the second deal. Not only were Frances and Carl very professional agent but are genuinely nice people which to me if very important when making these sometimes difficult transitions.”

– Adam Dolle

Frances Schools sold me my home in 1986, a happy event. Some years later she sold me land for investment, gave me excellent advice on improving it and sold it for me at a good profit. Recently she sold another property for me. She’s smart, knows the market, represented me well in negotiations, and did it with great integrity.”

– Sheldon Evans

Old Ghent Realty represents everything that is good and honest in the world of real estate.”

– the late Larry Ashmead, Harper Collins

I have known Frances Schools and her family for my entire life, her children and I grew up together. In the last nine years, though, my work as a home inspector has allowed me to see how she works and treats her clients and staff. She and all at Old Ghent Realty treat everyone with honesty and fairness. Comments I receive from my clients regarding the Old Ghent folks are always positive and appreciative. An excellent agency to deal with!”

– Wendell F. Cook, CMI

I have known the real estate professionals at Old Ghent Realty for thirty-eight years, ever since Frances Schools opened the office in 1974. During that time, my experience has shown Old Ghent Realty operates at the highest level of its profession and with sincere dedication to its clients.”

– Keith G. Flint, Esq.

We have had the privileged to have a personal business relationship with Old Ghent Realty for over 10 years. Over those years my family and I have bought multiple homes and property with Old Ghent, whose professionalism, ethics and vast knowledge of the area made each of those transactions highly successful on the buying side; and when it came time to sell as well. More importantly their personal touch, integrity and knowledge of Columbia County is rare in this industry.

Old Ghent has a staff, from owner Francis Schools and experienced real professional Pam Herzing, who are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and willing to go way beyond the norm to help clients find the best that upstate NY has to offer.”

– Ron and Lisa Golding

I wandered into Columbia County at the age of 26, looking for a little place to escape New York on the weekends. I met Frances Schools. We became friends. We took rides together so she could show me how pretty this place really was. She knew every nook and cranny, which areas would thrive and which would sleep. We talked about everything. She is a philosopher of country life.

Now that I’ve been 34 twice, I’m still here. And we still call each other once in a while just to say hello. She’s quick as lightning and nothing escapes her. This is the kind of person I want helping me buy or sell a home. She and Tim and their wonderful family at Old Ghent Realty are total professionals but more than that, they are friends.”

– David Stickles

Old Ghent Realty is a rare thing to find in this world. Wisdom and warmth, insight and kindness, all under one roof.”

– Peter Zander, Photographer

Old Ghent Realty is by far the best real estate firm I have ever been involved with. They represented the seller when we bought our Columbia County farm, helped us when we built our house, and have found superb tenants for the six weeks we rent out the place in the summer.

Frances Schools and her team, including her son Tim Schools, and Pam Herzing, are very plugged in to what is going on in the County. They are real real-estate experts, as well as pleasurable to work with.”

– Frederick A. O. (“Fritz”) Schwarz, Jr.

Old Ghent Realty represents experience and professionalism with a “country heart.”

Great real estate brokers, great neighbors, and great friends. I have utilized their services in many transactions for over 35 years.”

– Francis Greenburger